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k8 matty [userpic]

Birthday Celebrations

November 6th, 2007 (09:40 pm)

Rating: N-17
Pairings: Harry/Fred/George
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fanfic. All characters are property of JK Rowling
Warnings: graphic sex, twincest, graphic descriptions


Harry Potter was drunk.

Not merry.
Not tipsy.
Not even pleasantly buzzed.
Truly, horribly, off his face SLOSHED.

It had taken an entire bottle of Ogdens best washed down with a couple of Butterbeers, but Harry James Potter was finally too pissed to even recognize his own reflection.

Through reading some book or other, it had been discovered by Hermione Granger that Godric Gryffindors birthday was fast approaching and, unknown to any teachers or any other house, the Gryffindor students of Hogwarts had taken it upon themselves to host the celebrations. The common room was packed full of Ogdens Best, Butterbeer, Rosmertas Mead and at least a hundred pissed Gryffindors. A large banner hanging overhead depicted the Gryffindor lion, who growled approvingly at the celebrations.

As for Harry, he was slumped awkwardly in his favourite chair by the fire and surveyed the decreasingly sober scene. Ron was having his usual argument with Dean about soccer, albeit it was the first time they had had it atop a magically conjured bar, behind which Lee Jordan was shouting at the arguing pair to get down before they hurt themselves. His well-practised commentators voice was barely distinguishable over the crowd of students egging them on, throwing pretzels and them and laughing. Hermione had fallen asleep at desk after her third Fire Whisky and now lay her head on the desk top, unconscious, while spilled butterbeer soaked about her bushy hair. Only two people in the entire room were sober, and they were the most unlikely people to be sober out of the lot.

Fred and George Weasley had seen Harry Potter drunkenly collapse sideways into a chair and turned to smirk at each other. Time for some fun.

“Hey hey Harry!” Fred called over to Harry, who was now letting his half-full butterbeer roll away from his chair. It rolled all the way to the fire and exploded in a shower of mini-fireworks. Harry turned and blinked a few times to bring the image into focus. Was he seeing double? No, it was just Fred and George, beaming mischeiviously at him. Harry had seen that look before. It was their trademark ‘here comes trouble’ expression. Harry vaguely wondered what they were concoting as they strode cheerfully over and stood, beaming down at his squiffy state.

“Enjoying the festivities, Harry?” George said innocently, eyeing Harry’s akward half lying, half sitting position.
“Bit, yeah.” Harry admitted, smiling sheepishly at the duo, who were roaming their eyes over his state. Harry felt a little uncomfortable. He was drunk enough to feel intimidated by the obviously sober and wished he was at least able to at upright. As if reading his thoughts, George reached out towards Harrys chest and pulled him into a sitting position. Fred hastily assisted his brother. Both twins cautiously let Harry go, where he swayed in his seat for a moment and promptly fell forwards like a broken puppet. Laughing, the duo sank down on either side of Harry, each with an arm around his shoulders to keep him from falling forward.

“Looks like we’ll be looking after the Boy Who Lived tonight then, eh Fred?” Teased George, clapping a hand on Harry’s knee. He left it there for a few seconds and Harry was a little uncomfortable when he realised the warm pressure of George’s hand, and the tingling sensation on his leg when George moved it.

Fred sighed and settled his eyes on Harry’s. Harry twinged as he soaked up the intense blue of Freds amused stare. “I would’ve thought the ‘Chosen One’ could have held his liquor. I may have to get a new hero.”

Harry, unable to argue, simply grinned sheepishly at the pair of them. Both grinned devilishly back. “I’m sorry, but why are you two the sober ones here tonight?” Harry asked, throwing the back of his hand to his brow in mock-surprise. “I wouldn’t have thought you two to be the nurse-maid types.”

“Oh, we play a pretty good game of Doctor.” George leaned over and grinned at Fred. “Wouldn’t you say, Nurse Fred?”

“Know what I reckon, Dr George?” said Fred seriously, pretending to take Harry’s pulse.

“What’s your prognosis?”

“I reckon we need to get this one to bed.”

“Right you are, Doctor.”

“I’m nurse.” Fred protested.


The twins heaved Harry up by his armpits, who laughed and backed away. “Thanks for the entertainment guys, but I’m fine really, I’m not really that…” Harry swayed and nearly topped backwards over a pouffe’ when out of nowhere, a muscled arm shot out to steady him.

“Thanks Gred…Forge…whatever…”

Fred laughed. “Yeah, you’re fine Harry, whatever. You just have a balance problem tonight.”

“And a speech impediment.”

“Shut up.” Harry slurred, but they were right. He was starting to feel dizzy. Maybe he had been at the party long enough and besides, no one would miss him if he crawled up to bed. Just in case he wasn’t entirely convinced, Colin Creevy suddenly surged forward, pissed as a poet on payday, attemped to grab Harry’s shoulder and ended up sprawled at Harrys feet.

“’arry Podda!” Colin gurgled, choking on a mouthful of butterbeer. “Always knew we were gonna be beeeest friends! An’ tha’ we are!” He yelled, before Dennis Creevy showed up out of nowhere and smashed a bottle on his older brothers head. The siblings seemed to find nothing as hilarious as the steady bleeding of Colins skull and Harry took this as his exit cue. Allowing the twins to lead the way, he heard the party noises growing fainter and fainter as he trudged up the stairs to his dormitory. Once or twice, he though he heard Fred or George say something, but was too pissed to make it out. When he reached his dorm, he was surprised that the twins firmly steered him past it. “We’ve missed my dorm.” Harry slurred, pointing over Freds shoulder.

“Not tonight, mate. You think we’re gonna let you do a Hendrix on us?”

“A what?”

“Hendrix. That Muggle nutter who choked on his own spew.”

“Ew. Gods. Really?” Harry said interestedly as Fred and George steered him into what he supposed was their dormitory. Come to think of it, Harry had never been in Fred and Georges dorm. It was much the same as the dorm Harry shared with Ron, Seamus, Dean and Neville, but with a few deliberate alterations in decoration and a lingering smell of gunpowder. Harry was just admiring a poster of a bikini-clad witch (who waved, giggled and shimmied her hips) when he felt hands slide under his robes.

Harry gave a start and turned around sharply to see Fred, who was grinning and holding his hands in mid-air. “What’r you doing?” Harry demanded, before he felt another pair of hands slide around his waist.

“What, were you planning on sleeping in robes tonight?” George asked in Harrys ear. His warm breath teased Harry’s neck and made him shiver. Though unsettled by his squirming blood, Harry nodded in agreement and allowed George to remove his black school robes. Harry thought he may have seen Fred grin triumphantly, but a second later Freds back was turned as he himself started to disrobe and George, throwing Harrys robes casually over a chair, strode forward to join his brother.

“What’r you doing now?” Harry asked nervously, as Fred and George casually stripped side by side. A hot flush crept up around Harry’s neck. He had seen Fred and George kitless before, in the Quidditch changerooms of course. But at the time there had been others around. It had been brighter, there had been laughter, it hadn’t been a real issue. Now, in this dark dormitory, where no one else knew they were here…

“What does it look like we’re doing? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe we’re not fans of sleeping in full school uniform?” Fred joked, turning to face Harry. Harry flushed as he unintentionally let his eyes sweep over Freds’s nakedness and (Harry flushed even more) as he registered Freds size. When he returned his eyes to meet Freds, Harry was embarrassed to see that both Fred and George were raising their eyebrows at him.

“Enjoying the view?” George asked, stepping forward and smirking. Harry didn’t know where to look and settled for a point over Georges shoulder. George turned around to Fred and the pair of them shared a little laugh like they were in on a private joke. George stood with Fred, both of them folding their arms across their chests and looking expectantly at Harry.


A shock of electricity shot through Harrys spine. “Well what?”

“Well are you going to stand there staring our admittedly impressive gear all night or are you going to finish getting undressed?”

Something about the anticipation in Georges voice made Harry’s blood tingle.

“Need a hand?” Fred offered cheerfully, striding over and yanking Harry’s tie away from his neck, sending an involuntary jolt to Harry’s groin.

“Allow me.” George came up behind Harry and started fiddling with his belt clasp. A protest started in Harry’s throat, but it was never heard, for in the next few seconds, Fred had a firm grip on Harry’s face and had captured his mouth, pulling Harry into a deep kiss.

Harry was stunned- he’d been kissed before but never like this, never with so much skill…and desire... At first, he was too surprised to do anything other than let Fred probe his mouth with his well-practised tongue, but after a few moments Harry’s senses caught up with him. He caught Fred gently between his teeth, feeling Fred’s surprised cry in his own mouth, and sucked on the soft, wriggling tongue. Harry barely registered George succeeding with the undoing of his belt, focusing all his senses solely on Fred’s kiss and the growing heat radiating from Fred’s body. When they broke apart, Harry felt his eyes drop like lead balls to Fred's waist and felt his stomach leap as he found himself staring at Fred's erection. Harry felt the material of his pants and boxers slip and puddle at his feet, and saw his own erection staring right back at him. George had succeeded in his mission. As soon as Harry’s pants hit the floor, Fred dropped his gaze directly to Harry’s arousal and let out a strangled moan. George merely peered over Harry’s shoulder and looked down his abdomen, straight at his crotch.

“Nice.” He remarked casually, running his hands down Harry’s arms, making his cock twitch. “Think so Fred?”

“Oh indeed.” Fred sounded a little breathless.

George grinned at his brothers straining cock and flushed face. “I’m thinking maybe I should’ve gotten the front view. Wanna switch?”

“Not on your life.” Fred murmured, soaking in Harry’s mingled expression of fear, curiosity and arousal. He lowered his mouth onto Harry’s neck and started nibbling and sucking at the delicate flesh. Harry tilted his head back and whimpered. He heard a soft groan from behind him and instinctively reached around for Georges face. Harry pulled George into a fierce kiss as Fred kissed and sucked a trail down Harry’s open shirt, stopping to nibble at the sensitive skin near Harry’s bellybutton. Harry groaned into Georges mouth and felt himself become harder.

“Why George.” Came Fred’s amused voice from Harry’s waist. “I do believe our guest is having quite the effect on you as well.” Harry glanced down and saw Fred smirking dirtily at Georges arousal.

“Right you are Fred.” Said George, bucking his hips into Harry’s arse. Harry felt George’s cock poke him in the rear and exhaled harshly. George laughed softly and recommenced kissing Harry’s from behind, guiding him at the same time to a four-poster bed while Fred remained behind on his knees, watching intently and breathing heavily. George stopped kissing Harry for a moment, causing Harry to let out a frustrated moan. George grinned evilly and stretched out on the four-poster, his naked salute obviously straining for attention. Harry clambered on top of him and kissed George passionately, rubbing his throbbing erection into Georges thigh and beginning to tear his shirt, his last offending garment, from his body when George threw out a hand to stop him.

“Leave it on.” George whispered with a wink before turning and calling across the room to Fred, “Care to join us?”

“Don’t mind if I do, George.”

Fred leapt up onto the bed beside his twin and Harry swung his leg around so he could straddle the pair. They grinned, a perfect mirror image of each other, identical down to the last freckle sprayed across their chests. In the same swift motion, they both sat up to assault Harry’s neck, but Harry pushed them back onto the bed. Their grins faded. For the first time all night, it was the twins who looked confused. In answer to their questioning stares, Harry smiled, put a hand to each cheek and turned their faces towards each other.

“Together.” Harry purred. Fred and George snapped their heads around to Harry and back together in perfect unison wearing a matching alarmed expression. This wasn’t in the plan. George did a quick side-glance at Harry and back to Fred. Is he serious? George asked Fred with his eyes.

“I’m waiting.” Harry said coolly. When neither twin did anything, Harry shifted his weight on the boys, turning away from the duo, making like he was going to leave.


Fred’s hand flew out and grabbed Harry’s arm, calling his bluff. Harry smirked inwardly and turned to face the twins who were looking at each other tentatively. Glancing towards Harry every second moment, the brothers inched their faces together, tilted their heads to the side, and sealed their lips together in an awkward kiss. Fred had his eyes tight shut and could feel Georges ragged breathing on his upper lip. Neither twin was using tongue, both were as stiff as boards, and Fred could sense that this was impressing their guest very little. He opened his eyes and gave a start when he realised George was watching him. George gave another quick side-glance to Harry and winked at his brother. Fred understood, as a hot anticipation started to burn within. Time to take control of the situation again. Time to have some fun.

Without thinking twice, Fred reached up for Georges face and began kissing him, really kissing him. George made a tiny sound of surprise in Fred’s mouth, and Fred giggled at the high-pitched noise, breaking the kiss for a moment while the twins had a little laugh. They grinned evilly at each other again before pulling each other into a deep, passionate kiss, licking at each others tongues and wrapping their arms around each other, letting their hands wander up each others backs and arms. The twins were surprised at how comfortable it felt now- how it was no different to any of the other crazy stunts they pulled together. They could sense how this scene was turning Harry on and that was enough of a turn on for the twins to put on one hell of a performance.

Fred threw his head back and made a production of arching his back and letting his eyes flutter shut as George attacked his neck, licking and sucking lavishly. Fred felt up his brothers chest, groping at his nipple and taking special care to make strangled groaning sounds when his hand came in contact with Georges muscled abdomen. After a few minutes of theatrical fondling, they recommenced their kissing with renewed vigour. They moaned and groaned like neither found anything sexier than the other and when Harry let out a strangled gasping noise, the brothers felt each other smile against each others lips. Harry had wanted a show. He had got one.

The twins broke apart and turned triumphantly to Harry, who was still straddling them with his mouth hanging open and his cock in his hand. “Oh my god.” He whispered hoarsely as Fred and George watched Harry’s tortured expression with amused smiles. “Your turn.” Fred whispered, pulling Harry to his lips for the second time that evening, but this time George was in on the kiss as well, sinking down with Harry and Fred onto the bed. Soon, all three boys were thoroughly involved in licking, sucking and fondling each other’s mouths, chests and necks. A tortured cry from George indicated that it was time to take things further.

“Can’t…wait…anymore…” He panted, his cock aching, his eyes blazing blue fire. Harry and Fred, aching just as much as George, nodded franticly in agreement.

No one said a word as each participant found his position. Fred slid his body down Harry’s legs until he was hovering directly over Harry’s shaft. George straddled Harry’s chest, his cock inches from Harry’s chin. Fred kissed a pattern over Harry’s thigh, up around his desire and back down to the other thigh. He inched his kisses closer, to Harry’s inner thigh and felt the boy squirm and writhe as he tongued the groove where thigh meets crotch. He smirked to himself as he travelled up Harry’s arousal, keeping his mouth less than an inch away from the throbbing shaft. Fred’s hot breath was enough to push Harry over the edge. He gripped the sheets and groaned.

Fred grinned evilly up at Harry’s flushed face. “Check it out, George.” He said to his brother, who was tracing Harry’s soft lips with his finger, contemplating the best angle to fuck his perfect mouth. “I don’t even have to touch him.” Fred hovered his hot, ragged breath over Harry’s shaft again and listened delightedly as Harry gave over to another tortured moan.

“Fred, don’t be such a tease.” George chided his brother as he ran his fingers through Harry’s thick, jet-black hair. “I love your hair.” George murmured, looking down at Harry. “The way it’s always ruffled like you just got shagged. They way it never does what its told.” George added with an animal growl. Harry felt the heat coming from Georges groin intensify on his neck and chest and wanted nothing more than to reach out and grab it, slide it deep into his mouth. But he knew that George would command him to do so when the time was ready, so Harry waited, pinned down by Georges frame, at his mercy…

Harry gave a yelp of surprise- with no warning whatsoever, Fred had swallowed Harry’s prick down his throat and began working his way up and down Harry’s shaft. While Harry was caught off guard, George shoved himself roughly into Harry’s mouth. Temporarilly overcome with the situation, Harry gave over to a brief thrusting fit, trying to shove his cock as hard as he could into Fred’s mouth. George had Harry well pinned down, however, and merely watched with delight as Harry writhed and bucked underneath him, totally at his mercy.

George brushed Harry’s face with the back of his hand. At the soft touch, Harry calmed, staring at George with wide eyes. Not removing his gaze from George's face, Harry proceeded to work up and down Georges cock. George let his head fall back as a lazy grin spread across his face. Harry’s rhythm was perfect. A steady pace, with the odd moan, or sudden slip as Fred did something experimental on Harry’s own cock. Soon, George was flushed and ragged and no longer willing to be an idle participant. His elbows propped just over Harry’s head, George ground his crotch deep into Harry’s mouth, fucking his face for all it was worth. Harry was gasping and spluttering as he tried to take more and more of George into his mouth. Harry’s body was going berserk. He was flushed and sweating and trying to thrash around franticly, were it not for the equally frantic twins pinning various parts of his body to the four poster bed. Fred had gradually picked up speed, was now working with the same rhythm as Harry and George, while wanking furiously with his free hand.

Suddenly Harry felt George’s body tense, felt Georges strokes increase and heard his breathing become even more shallow and quick. A tightning in Harry’s balls signalled that his orgasm was also fast approaching. Harry sucked and licked furiously at Georges cock throbbing in his mouth, listening to the hoarse panting coming from somewhere over his head.

“So close…so close.”

Those were the words that did it. Harry was finally pushed over the edge and exploded into Fred's mouth with a bellow that would have shook the whole damn castle, had it not been stifled by Georges own climax, signalled audibly only by a strangled ‘Oh!’. Fred sucked and licked up Harry’s emission while he continued fisting his own cock. George fell sideways off Harry’s chest and came to rest beside him, eyes closed, body tingling as he savoured the feeling of total, complete relaxation. Harry’s body lay weak, sweaty, parched and totally spent, but his mind was still aroused as he watched Fred furiously striving for his own release. Still feeling the steady but slowing beat of his groin, Harry decided to repay Fred's favour.

“Up here.” Harry whispered. Fred gratefully clambered up Harry’s chest and immediately thrust his cock into Harry’s mouth. Summoning his last bit of strength, Harry gave Fred one long, large suck, but that was enough. The second Weasley came hard and fast into Harry’s mouth and fell on Harry’s other side where he closed his eyes in imitation of his brother.

Harry licked his lips thoughtfully, still tasting the blend of the perfect duo that now lay, utterly spent, on either side of him. Minutes passed. Harry didn’t know if the twins were asleep or simply resting, but at this point he didn’t care. He savoured his own relaxation, contemplating how easier this was, lying together in comfortable silence, not having to ‘talk’ right after. Harry didn’t know how, but he knew that there would be no awkwardness when the twins finally recovered. Fred and George would take it in their stride and move on with life. No tears. No fights. No accusations of ‘cheap seduction’ or ‘being used’. Just a smile, a goodbye and everything would be back to normal.

Amazing, Harry thought to himself, watching the twins sleep, not knowing which one to look at. They were both so perfect in every way.

The party downstairs was still raging. From the sounds of it, Ron and Dean had stopped arguing and were now trying to get the crowd singing Happy Birthday to Godric Gryffindor. As the familiar tune wafted up to Harry, he smiled to himself, switching off the light and sinking into the bed between Fred and Georges warm bodies. Yes, things would go back to normal in the morning. More or less.

"Happy Birthday dear Godric
Happy Birthday to you!"

“And many more.” Harry smirked to himself. In the darkness, Harry swore he could hear the identical grins.


Posted by: fbowden (the_flic)
Posted at: April 25th, 2008 12:13 pm (UTC)

Phwoar!! *flails*

That was HAWT, wife, very very hawt! And now I need some new panties.

Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: April 25th, 2008 02:03 pm (UTC)

Lucius: Why wear any? Panties are highly overrated articles of clothing...

Severus: Your 'personal drawer' begs to differ, Lucius.

Hehehe thank you dear, this was one of my first evar fics, so I'm glad it's not utterly tragic :-P

Posted by: savagewoman (savagewoman)
Posted at: April 25th, 2008 05:20 pm (UTC)

AIEH!! :) This is one of my fav twinfics!! I keep forgetting it's yours, but I do have it saved on my computer and I peruse it reasonably often :)
Truly, horribly, off his face SLOSHED.
One of my fav lines ever :)

Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: May 1st, 2008 02:46 am (UTC)

OMG *pounce*

Saved on computer?

HUGE ego boost right now!

Thank you! *squeeze*

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: May 1st, 2008 02:45 am (UTC)

er, no I havent, but now I want to lol

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