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k8 matty [userpic]

Sticky Situations

September 13th, 2007 (04:57 pm)

Title: Sticky Situations
Pairing: Fred/George
Rating: N-17
Warning: Sex, Incest
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, and no money is being made. I receive my profit in the warm'n'fuzzies ^_^

Earlier Parts
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four


Ron Weasley awoke on Christmas Morning with soiled sheets, and a moan that shook the very foundations of The Burrow.

He slumped, exhausted, into his pillows, marvelling vaguely at his still-thudding heartbeat and desperately raking his memories for what had caused such a violently pleasurable awakening.

Once his dream came floating back to him, Ron let out another groan, one far less pleasant than the one previously.

Ginger hair.


Hands caressing his entire body, alternating between gentle, dainty hands as soft as rose petals, and rough, talented hands, moving with quick experience across his rigid cock.

The feeling of a warm body next to his own, sometimes a smooth, hard, muscular torso and other times, soft and flexible, warm breasts crushed against his chest-

Ron moaned again as his prick gave another heartfelt throb. Cautiously, he reached a hand under his blanket to assess the damage, and winced when he came into contact with his still-hard cock. Christ, he was sensitive.

He winced further and swore when he felt the expected fluid mess in and around his pajama bottoms and bedsheets. My God there was a lot of it, Ron noted with awe, running his fingers over his sticky privates, eliciting another interested twitch. Ron glared into his lap at his wayward cock, still happily perking at full-attention, seemingly unaware of the series of complications it had just caused for its master.

Ron shook his head hopelessly and sighed. Would it be worth attempting a cleaning charm? Ron wondered.

Ron had only attempted a scouring charm on his pajama bottoms once before, and as Ron recalled, those pajama bottoms were now safely residing somewhere in the woods beyond his house, a hole in the groin large enough for a cat to crawl through, and a permanent smell something akin to burning acid.

Ron shook his head. He’d have to clean his sheets manually at some point. He looked out at his window, and was surprised to see the sun high in the sky. It was clearly the middle of the day. Merlin, had he really slept so late? As if in answer, a painfully familiar voice screeched at him through his bedroom door.

“Ronald Weasley, it is twelve thirty in the afternoon! Get up and out of bed before I hex your door open and drag you downstairs-”

“No!” Ron squawked, flinging the blanket over his lap to cover himself and his messy state. “I’m- I’m coming!” Ron blushed as his brain unhelpfully supplied him with the double entendre of his choice of words. “I’m awake!” he corrected sternly, right before the reality of his situation hit him. Shit, how the hell was he supposed to clean his sheets with everyone in the house up and bustling about?

“Well hurry up then.” Molly urged, although she sounded pleasantly surprised at Ron’s lack of argument. “You haven’t even touched your presents yet!”

Ron breathed a sigh of relief as he heard her footsteps descending down the stairs, and eased himself over the edge of his mattress, frowning ruefully at the spoiled bedclothes and his stubbornly aroused state.
Making a hasty decision, Ron stripped himself of his fouled sleeping attire and shoved it under his bedclothes, tugging the duvet in place to cover the mess. There, Ron admired his half-hearted handiwork. The bed was relatively made and covering any and all mess until Ron could figure out a way to take care of it later. Sighing in relief, Ron took a towel and some clean clothes, intent on having a shower before greeting the rest of the family for Christmas lunch.


“Ah! Here he is! Merry Christmas, Ronnikins!” Molly Weasley bustled over to her youngest son and planted a kiss on his cheek. Ron’s face was still warm and damp from his shower, and Molly pulled away in surprise.

“Whats this?” she asked, “You’ve showered? Combed your hair even? Well, don’t you look nice and handsome?” Molly beamed and ushered Ron into his chair. “You’ve really made an effort for Christmas this year, haven’t you, Ronnie? He even made his bed.” She told Arthur proudly, not seeing Ron choke on his first sip of pumpkin juice. “First morning in years I haven’t had to do it for him.”

Ron sighed in relief and looked up, meeting the twin stares of Fred and George. They both looked incredulous and… amused? Ron blushed hotly, which only made them smirk even more.

“Merry Christmas, Ron.” Ginny slid into the chair next to him and smiled. Ron nodded robotically and tried not to stare. She looked very pretty, still in her night-wear, but for a headband of silver tinsel which Ron was sure she had not slept in.

Ginny frowned, and Ron realised with a jolt that she was attempting to press a small present into his hands. Smiling and apologising, he unwrapped the box to find a hand-made card, and a framed photograph of himself and Ginny. The frame has also been hand-made, Ron guessed, as it appeared to be constructed of the kind of shiny stones that looked suspiciously familiar to the sparkly rocks often found by the lake at Hogwarts. The photo itself was fairly recent- Ron supposed he looked about fourteen, although it was hard to tell as both he and Ginny were pulling a series of grotesque faces at the camera.

Ron smiled at the photo and opened the card. As well as the expected Christmas wishes, Ginny had scrawled, in tiny letters at the bottom Thank you, xxx.

Ron felt a lump rise in his throat, and turned to give Ginny a hug. He heard a sniff that he supposed was Molly’s, but was pleasantly surprised to find that, when he broke away from Ginny, it was she who was wiping her eyes and smiling sheepishly, and not their mother.

Spirits soaring, Ron attacked the remainder of his presents with newfound enthusiasm for the day, not noticing until an hour later that Fred and George had disappeared.


“So did you like it?” Ginny asked pointlessly as she and Ron cleaned away the remnants of yet another one of Molly Weasley’s culinary accomplishments. Ron smiled and nudged her playfully with his elbow.

“You know I did.” He told her sincerely, making her blush and shrug, grinning madly. Ron’s heart gave another hopeful leap as stacked the dishes. He paused when he came to Fred and George’s, hoping that Ginny wouldn’t notice that they were still heavily loaded with chicken and potato.

“Did you see when they left?” she asked off-handedly.

Ron sighed. It really had been too much to hope for.

“No. I think they’d been gone for a while though.” Ron fidgeted awkwardly. He didn’t want to talk about this now. “Listen, Gin, do you really think we should be talking about it… here?” Ron glanced his eyes about them warily as if to make his point.

Ginny pursed her lips, but to Ron’s great relief, she nodded and went back to collecting everyone napkins. “I suppose. With our luck, Mum’ll come in and catch us talking about it.”

“Talking about what?” Ron and Ginny jumped a mile in the air as Molly’s stern voice rang out from the door of the kitchen. She was brandishing a wooden spoon like a machete and looking from Ron to Ginny in a manner that was downright threatening.

“Anything I should know about?” Molly enunciated each word with a sharp gesture of her spoon. Ron and Ginny swallowed and bustled past her, blushing hotly.

“No, Mum, nothing, Mum.” Ginny babbled as she and Ron hurried to dump the dirty cutlery in the sink. Molly sighed noisily and began straightening out the disarray of dining chairs, and Ginny took Molly’s momentary distraction to hiss in Ron’s ear “We’ll talk about this later tonight, when everyone’s asleep, all right?”

Ron nodded curtly and tied to ignore the blaze of passion that Ginny’s mouth in such close proximity to his ear has caused. Ginny nodded a last time and finally answered her mother’s shouts that she had been in her pajamas far too long and it was time for her to take a shower.

Trying very hard not to think of Ginny taking a shower, Ron ascended the stairs, noting, as he passed Fred and George’s mutual room, the unusual silence. He barely got two steps into his own room when his heart leapt into his throat.

His sheets had been changed.

Humiliation flooded every particle of Ron’s body. Oh God, Molly had changed the sheets! It was too embarrassing to even contemplate. The thought of his mother finding the sticky evidence of his lust was too mortifying for words.

That’s when Ron saw the note.

The neat little folded note, spellotaped to his pillow.

Dread stole over Ron’s senses as he wondered what reassuring words Molly had so thoughtfully written. Perfectly natural, was a phrase Ron fully expected to see. Words like hormones and development were going to be somewhere in this motherly form of complete and utter degradation.

The last thing Ron expected to see was a large, hand-drawn cartoon replica of an erect penis, charmed in such a way that it moved and shot come off the side of the paper.

Ron blinked, wondering what in the name of Merlin had possessed his mother to draw such a thing, when he noticed the title of the cartoon.


Charming, Ron winced, and certainly not his mothers doing. His eyes travelled down the note, at handwriting very unlike his mothers neat print. It was messy and scribbled and filled every vestige on Ron’s being with sweet relief.

Ickle Ronnikins,

Hope you don’t mind, we gave your bed a bit of a tidy.

Fear not, your sheets and stylish sleeping attire is clean and dry and here should you wish to collect them.

Merry Christmas.


ps: Hope you like your present.

Ron blinked at the last part and looked up, confused. He peered over the edge of his bed and, sure enough, there was a large box of Honeydukes candy. Ron sighed, sinking into his clean bed, smirking and taking odd solace in the crude drawing.

In typical Fred and George fashion, the twins had turned the whole mortifying experience to a hilarious joke at Ron’s expense, yet funnily enough, Ron was even able to laugh at himself now, in light of the vulgar doodle and casual teasing. He even felt touched by their effort, and by their courtesy of leaving a note in place of an awkward discussion.

Ron sighed, thinking with relief that his sheets, at least, were one less thing for him to worry about. His mind drifted uneasily towards the conversation he would be having later tonight with Ginny, and he felt the usual twinge of guilt that accompanied every thought regarding what he had agreed to do for her.

Absent-mindedly, Ron reached a hand into the box of sweets and withdrew two orange lollies that had melted together. Ron automatically pulled at the sweets, attempting to prise them apart, but they just wouldn’t give. He frowned, slipping the melded candy into his mouth, trying to lick and chomp them apart, but only ended up biting his own lip.

Ron shrugged and swilled the stuck orange candies around his mouth idly, simply enjoying their flavour. If they weren’t going to come apart, Ron didn’t see the point in trying to force it.


Fred and George were still giggling and snorting fifteen minutes after leaving that note on their little brother’s pillow.

“Think he’ll kill us?” Fred finally wheezed, sitting up to cast a silencing spell around the room.

“Nah.” George smiled, rather proud of his artistic input as far as the note went. “I’m sure he’ll be too mortified to kill us. Or thank us.” He added as an afterthought.

Fred snorted. “Don’t see that happening, frankly mate.” Fred dove under the bed quite suddenly, making a lot of noise as he fished through the clutter.

“Don’t be so sure.” George spoke loudly over Fred’s clattering. “He’s been acting… differently recently.”

George didn’t have to elaborate. The sudden pause in Fred’s shuffling told George that his twin had caught his drift.

“Yeah.” Fred agreed, slowly starting to search through his belongings again. “He’s been really good, hasn’t he?”

George nodded, smiling and thinking about how much Ron’s attitude had changed, as far as Fred and George’s relationship went. It seemed like eons ago that Ron had been screaming and storming and calling he and Fred sick, perverted shits.

Now, Ron was acting almost normal towards them again. He had even tried to talk to them about it a few times, calm, quiet conversations that had taken place in Fred and George’s room. Predictably, Ron had gotten shy when the conversation had inevitably steered towards the ‘physical stuff’ and he had left the room, blushing hotly and muttering about various chores. This didn’t phase Fred and George in the slightest, because they knew their little brother was at least trying to understand, and Fred and George had a feeling that it was more than they’d ever be able to say about anyone else.

George sighed. “Wish all our family’d be so understanding…” he muttered wistfully to himself, when an odd thought struck him, one that he hadn’t really registered until just now. “Hey Fred?”

“God damn, where did I put it?” Fred muttered crossly, straightening up and crossing to their wardrobe. “Yeah George?” he added as he shuffled thought their clothing.

“Is Ginny acting weird to you?”

“Hmm? Gin? She’s always a bit fruity. Is this about her wearing Christmas decorations on her head this morning? She did that last year, George.” Fred frowned, chewing his lower lip. “Where is it?” he exclaimed crossly.

“I meant…” George paused, brow furrowing. Truth be told, he didn’t know what he meant. Ginny was still smiling and laughing and acting as she always did, but recently she had started to seem… detached. And false. He didn’t know how to put this into words, so he shrugged it off and shook his head in exasperation at his twin. “What are you looking for anyway?” he asked as Fred slammed the door of the wardrobe shut, swearing loudly.

“The lube! What else?” he exclaimed, and George’s face changed from curiosity to delighted surprise as he saw the excited fire dancing in his twin’s eyes. This was the Christmas present he’d been hoping for.

“Oh, right.” George grinned, stomach starting to jitter with excitement as he hastily assisted his brother in the search. This became increasingly difficult, as every now and then one of them would lose patience and seize the other for a passionate kiss.

“Found it!” George exclaimed triumphantly, withdrawing it from behind Fred’s beside table and straightening up smugly. Fred made an odd noise between a cheer and a moan and pulled George towards him, crushing their bodies as close together as was possible.

Finally.” Fred moaned, grinding his hips slowly against George’s, feeling George’s interest pressed firmly against his thigh. George groaned and it was with newfound vigour that the boys attacked each others mouths and necks, hungry, savage kisses that demanded more.

All too soon, Fred broke the kiss and stood back, red and panting, his brown eyes almost black with darkened lust. Not taking his eyes away from the heated gaze of his brother, Fred yanked his new Weasley jumper over his head and threw it viciously into the far corner of the room. George’s arousal spiked as Fred did the same with the t-shirt he wore underneath, and George quickly removed his own upper garments with similar zeal.

Fred’s blood started to thrum as George’s shirt was ripped away and his torso was revealed to Fred’s fervent gaze. Every line, every bump of muscle, every freckle so very like his own never failed to flare Fred’s libido, and he wasted no time in seizing George for another series of scorching kisses, delighting in the warm feeling of sweaty muscles pressed against his own.

George’s head started to spin under the fierce kisses and relentless friction of Fred’s leg, and he broke away, gasping lungfuls of oxygen to try and fuel whatever blood was left in his brain and not heading south. He still felt somewhat light-headed as he tightened his grip around his twin, opening and closing his mouth in an attempt at speech.

“I’m here, I’m here…” Fred panted, stroking George’s back soothingly, decorating his neck in kisses. Each one of those kisses scorched George’s skin, and he moaned with need.

Fred,” George rasped finally, tilting Fred’s face up to look at him. “Fred, I need… I need…” his body tingled and burned as he struggled to get the words out. “I need to be inside you!” he cried, his cock jerking in agreement.

Freds eyes lit up with excitement at the prospect, and he returned to kissing George’s neck with fresh passion.

“Oh God, I need it too, George…” Fred promised breathily against George’s glowing collarbone, rubbing a hand tantalizingly over Georges toned stomach, teasing the ginger trail that disappeared into the slightly-too-big jeans that once belonged to Charlie. Fred licked promisingly just under George’s lower lip, delighting in the needy moan that issued, and then smirked as his hand came into instant contact with solid flesh.

“Oh, you’re kidding me…” Fred muttered to himself in amusement as he felt around inside George’s trousers, but the devilish smirk playing around George’s own features was all the evidence he needed.

“Told you I would.” George reminded a delighted Fred, who fell to his knees and attacked Georges fly with furious avidity. He gaped in pleasure as George’s cock sprung effortlessly from their denim confines, jutting out proudly from the undone zip. Fred’s eyes slid out of focus, and he gripped George’s thighs and shuddered with the wave of arousal that followed.

“You really get off on the no-underwear thing, don’t you?” George asked with amused curiosity as Fred’s hands drifted upwards, playing along the sweaty small of George’s back.

“Yeah.” Fred panted honestly, unable for once to think of any kind of witty retort, eyes never leaving the breathtaking sight of George’s cock, protruding effortlessly from his trousers, glimpses of his bollocks and his thighs visible without the obstruction of underwear. Fred groaned, feeling that the whole thing was too sexy for him to cope with. George smirked and made to tug his jeans down, but Fred’s hand shot around to stop him.

“Leave them on while I do this…” Fred whispered playfully, sliding his fingers down into George’s jeans, just over the top of his buttocks and revelling once again in the absence of underwear.

“Oh God, please do it!” George’s breath was hitching, his hand twitching as though he were longing to thread it through Fred’s hair and shove Fred’s head against his needy flesh. Fred smirked and leaned forwards, carefully maneuvering under the stiff, red pole and caressing the base lightly with his tongue.

“Fuck, Fred…” George whined, squirming against Fred’s teasing touches, moving his hips forwards gently. Fred’s eyes sparked wickedly as he trailed his tongue up the length of Georges shaft, thrilling in the little jerks and pulses that rewarded him in his efforts. A little river of precome trickled down to meet Fred’s loving lick, and he paused to kiss away the glistening droplet, stealing a glance up at his brother who was looking down, utterly captivated by the sight of his half-naked twin at his feet, lips pressed earnestly against his cock.

“Please…” George croaked, his cock aching for a more indulgent touch, “please Fred…I… I don’t think I can-” as he said it, another bead of precome trickled dangerously down to meet Fred’s kiss-swollen lips.

Fred smirked and withdrew a hand from Georges back, creeping it slyly around to the front of his body. He curled his fingers around the base of Georges cock, and stroked lightly, keeping his touch deliberately away from the head, delighted with the torn moan of pleasure and frustration that issued.

“Since you asked me so nicely, brother dear,” Fred purred, moving his lips close to George’s cockhead as he spoke so that his moving lips grazed against the leaking slit, “I think I might find myself capable of obliging.” And with that, Fred guided George’s cock into his mouth.

“Oh fuck, yes!” George howled in joy as his cock throbbed harder than ever under this new attention. George’s control fled as he found himself plunging forwards into Fred’s hot, wet mouth to get more of that slippery friction. George fought against the urge to thrust ruthlessly into his brother’s mouth, cautious of hurting him, but Fred had other ideas.

Neither Fred nor George had attempted deep-throating before, and before now it had always seemed like a skill unnecessary unless one was planning to undertake a career in the escort industry. Fred and George were perfectly happy with each other’s oral skills, and the thought to learn had never consciously crossed their minds.

Until now.

Sliding his hand back in place around the base of George’s cock, Fred hummed urgently and pressed lightly against Georges hips to still him completely. George managed to pull himself together and slow, but before he could ask Fred what was wrong, he felt the first push of Fred’s head against his cock.

“Fred?” he asked cautiously, as his cock slid deeper still, down into the unbelievably tight warmth of Fred’s throat. George cried out, hands flying into Fred’s hair as Fred struggled against his gag reflex, the flexing muscles sending shocks of pleasure through Georges cock.

“Fred…” he whispered, clawing lightly at Fred’s scalp. Fred moaned approvingly, and the vibrations sent stars dancing across George’s vision. With that moan, Fred pushed himself forwards the final few centimetres until his nose was buried in coarse ginger hair.

“Oh Merlin…” George whimpered as Fred slowly dragged himself up and down George’s shaft, cautious of hurting him, but awed at how much he was managing to take. He felt experienced, being able to deep-throat like this, and he gave a tentative suckle to see if the two forms of oral pleasure were compatible.

Fuck, Fred!” George shrieked, proving Fred’s theory correct and panting harshly with the effort of not driving himself forcibly into Fred’s mouth. He didn’t know how Fred was doing what he was doing, only that it was the best feeling in the world and he never wanted it to stop.

But all too quickly, it seemed, Fred pulled away, gasping and moaning, and George whimpered indignantly as his cock was released from that hot, wet, obscenely talented mouth.

“Inside me!” was all Fred managed to gasp hoarsely, looking up at George beseechingly as he fumbled with the fly of his jeans. Oh God, yes. George visibly perked at the idea of burrowing his aching cock into Fred’s tight channel.

“Get on the bed.” George demanded, already assisting his twin in scrambling to his feet and onto the nearest of the twin beds. Fred unwittingly scrambled onto all fours so as to reach for the lube on the beside table, and squawked in surprise as his trousers were yanked down, followed in short haste by the removal of his boxers. Fred froze as calloused palms caressed the backs of his legs, slipping between them to stroked the front’s of his thighs, wrists brushing teasingly against his suspended heat as they worked.

Fred moaned and held himself in place with great effort, his cock hard and heavy between his legs. George was kneeling behind him, stroking firmly but not making any move to fully remove Fred’s trousers and boxing shorts. Instead, he leant back to admire the undignified view of Fred on all fours, with his trousers and underwear rucked around his knees, his cock suspended between crisp white thighs, purple and dripping with need.

“God, you look hot like this.” George told his brother sincerely as he took the little jar from Fred’s hand and oiled up his fingers. The lube, they had agreed, was well worth the expense. It was smooth and slick and warmed up quickly. George rubbed it between his fingers in admiration for a moment, before sliding a single digit into Fred’s arse. Fred gasped and panted harder, surprised at the sudden feeling of being filled with something. Usually, George took his time in teasing and coaxing Fred’s entrance, running fingertips lightly around his clenched muscle. The speed with which he was moving told Fred that George was all the more eager to get inside him, and the knowledge of that caused Fred to cry out with need.

“It’s getting easier to do this.” George commented, sliding a second finger alongside the first, leaning forwards to kiss Fred’s hip. He ran his tongue around in circles, mimicking the movement with his fingers, listening delightedly to every grateful noise that his ministrations elicited. Giving Fred’s hip a loving bite, George slid a third finger alongside the first two, feeling around for Fred’s prostate. He knew he’d found it when Fred jolted and wailed, and his own cock pulsed greedily at the sound.

“I’m ready.” Fred promised, pushing back against George’s hand. “Just do it, please, I’m not going to hold on much longer.”

George withdrew his fingers with a wet noise and positioned himself behind Fred. Not bothered to remove the jeans, he simply reached inside and withdrew his balls along with his cock. Oiling up his fingers for the final time, George slicked himself, groaning at his own attentions, and lined himself up with Fred’s hole.

“Sure you’re good?” he asked, not entirely sure himself if he wanted to hear the answer. His cock was practically pulling him forwards, urging him fiercely to plunge himself to that inviting hole. He was therefore eternally grateful when Fred shouted “Oh God, just do it you berk! Fuck m- ah!” Fred choked on his demand as George drove himself forcefully into his arsehole, only pausing to let Fred accommodate when he was more than halfway in. Fred was gasping and swearing and spluttering, trying to cope with the sudden feeling of being so full, and it took every vestige of George’s self-control not to continue ploughing onwards as his cock was so ruthlessly demanding he do. He reined in his desire to thrust eagerly into Fred’s gloriously tight passage, and took a moment to collect himself.

“You okay?” George whispered between pants, kissing and nipping at Fred’s red, sweaty back. Fred nodded. His arms ached, and he wanted to lower himself onto his elbows, but he knew it would be less painful to hold on and wait until George was fully sheathed.

“Yeah, keep going.” Fred urged, pushing out encouragingly. George moaned and nudged himself forward the final few inches, resting triumphantly against Fred’s back as he felt his balls pressing against Fred’s skin.

“I have to move.” He gasped, sounding almost apologetic about it, pleasantly surprised by the delighted moan the statement elicited.

“Do it.” Fred moaned vehemently, falling forwards onto his elbows. “Fuck me.

The words were like music to George’s ears as he withdrew and thrust easily into Fred’s relaxed muscles. He seized Fred’s hips and held them in place as he angled his thrusts, knowing he’d found Fred’s pleasure-spot when Fred’s walls contracted around him and Fred cried out in mad desire.

“Oh God, yes George, right there, right there!” he gabbled, clenching his arse deliberately in an effort to spur George on. George growled in approval and shoved himself inside again, rewarded by another of Fred’s breathtaking shouts. George ground himself hard against Fred’s arse, and Fred jolted at the feeling of a cold fly zip pressed against his arse-cheek, denim-clad legs pushing against his naked thighs. Oh God Fred could just imagine what they looked like, and the depravity of it had Fred pushing back against the rough material and reaching between his own legs to take hold of his swollen length.

George’s eyes went wide as the familiar, skin-on-skin sound of masturbation met his ears, mingling with the wet sound of his own fucking. The deliciously obscene sound only served to propel George further, meeting each one of those wet slaps with a driving thrust into Fred’s arse.

“Oh-God-yeah-fuck-me-harder-oh-fuck-yes!” Fred gasped in staccato with each relentless stab against his prostate. He could feel George steadily losing more and more control as he pounded into his twin, his sounds and movements becoming increasingly hard and savage.

Fuck, oh yes, you fucking love it!” George growled, emphasizing his words with powerful thrusts. His lust was unstoppable, and George felt as though some kind of flaming demon was taking control of his body as he punctured the air with a magnificent shout and pounded heavily, thrusting like a piston as he felt the beginnings of his orgasm fast approaching. Fred worked his hand faster and faster, his continuous moan broken by the bouts of friction forced upon him

“Uh-uh-u-uh-u-hhh!” Fred cried out as his body began to shake.

George roared and lunged forwards, ramming himself as far into Fred as he could possibly go. He trembled and shook violently as he spilled himself inside Fred’s arse with shouts loud enough to shatter glass, although with no glass in evidence, the only thing George’s shout shattered was the remains of Fred’s self control. Fred cried out, knees and elbows buckling, as his own orgasm was wrenched by his own hand.

“Oh God!” Fred shouted, the first pulses leaving him and spurting onto his sheets. “George!” he cried as the final spasm died down and the last of his orgasm drained.

The boys lay in silence, but for their heavy panting, until Fred asked shakily “George?”

“Yeah Fred?” George was surprised to hear that the voice that answered sounded like his own, and not like whatever animalistic demon had possessed him during the ferocious fucking of his twin.

“Do we still have Ron’s clean sheets?”

George opened his eye sleepily and peered at the neatly folded linen on the bed oposite. “Yeah. Why?”

Fred winced as he withdrew his come-coated palm. “I reckon we might be needing them right now a lot more than he does.”

George huffed a breathless laugh against Fred’s neck. “Merry Christmas, Fred.”

“Merry Christmas, George.”


Ron could not ever once before remember his own living room being so damn romantic.

True, he could neither remember sitting up at one in the morning with Ginny, firelight dancing a pattern of gold in her flaming locks… he couldn’t remember ever having before sat in his living room with the object of his undeniable desire sitting mere centimetres away…

“Ron? Ron! Ron, are you even listening?”

Was he listening? Was every word that dripped from those cherry-red lips music to his ears and fire to his groin?

“Yeah, course I am.” Ron sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

Though they had been sitting here for over an hour, Ron couldn’t help but feel he and his sister were getting nowhere. The conversation was beginning to follow a formula:

Ginny would begin by declaring that something needed to be done about Fred and George.

Ron would ask exactly what they should do.

Ginny would then urge Ron to talk to the twins more.

Ron would counter by pointing out that he had already been to talk to the twins multiple times and each conversation had ended exactly the same way: with the twins declaring their love for each other.

At the notion of her older brothers actually being in love with each other, Ginny would get lost in some rant about how disgusting the whole thing was, and Ron would get lost in the sound of her voice.

Ginny chewed her lip and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. “Ron we have to do something.” She said for the sixth or seventh time that evening. “How do you think they’re coming along?” she asked seriously, fixing Ron with a piercing stare.

Ron blushed. He had not mentioned to Ginny that his conversations with the twins had once or twice steered towards aspects of their relationship that lead Ron to believe that the twins were coming along very nicely indeed. Or at least coming in some way, shape or form.

“I don’t know.” He lied in a whisper.

Ginny sighed impatiently. “Did you talk to them this morning?”

Ron swallowed, flushing furiously as he remembered the note on his pillow. “No.” he said truthfully. He was getting sick of trying to talk to them anyway, asking them together and individually if they were ‘really’ in love, if they weren’t just ‘experimenting’… and the truth was Ron had never been more convinced that his brothers were truly, madly, deeply in love.

“I love him.” Was all either would say of the other, and the words never failed to cause a pang in Ron’s chest.

“You didn’t talk to them?” Ginny asked incredulously, “Why on earth not?”

“Listen, Gin, the more I talk to them, the more sure they are that they’re in love” Ron wearily ran a hand through his hair and shook his head. “Talking isn’t going to stop them. You and me aren’t going to be able to stop them.”

Ron braced himself for Ginny’s scathing words that were sure to follow: that Ron was wrong, that Fred and George had to be stopped, how could Ron squirm out of his promise and allow his brothers to continue to defile each other…

But to Ron’s great surprise, such words never came.

Ron chanced looking up, and saw Ginny nodding slowly as though actually considering what Ron had just said.

“You know what?” she lowered her voice to a whisper, “I’ve been thinking the same thing.”

“You have?” Ron gaped, not taking his eyes away from Ginny’s serious expression.

“You and me aren’t going to be able to stop them.” She repeated Ron’s words, suddenly looking quite forbidding in the half-light of the fire, “But I have an idea of someone who might.”


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Posted by: fbowden (the_flic)
Posted at: April 22nd, 2008 10:31 am (UTC)

OMG! Weasley lovin has never seemed so damn hot before! You write some seriously scorching scenes wife.
Luc: Indeed she does. I wonder where she researches...

Sev: Husband, you know perfectly well on whom she practices suc delights of the flesh.

Err *blush* yeah.. about that..

Luc: There is no need to apologise, Severus and I were quite happy to just observe..

Sev: On that one occasion, at least. Do not make a habit of it.

*grin* Okay!

Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: April 22nd, 2008 10:47 am (UTC)

*grin* mmm hot weasley love ^_^ bwa ha ha, I am so going to hell..

Aw, I thought the boys enjoyed our little performance *leer* we certainly enjoyed theirs *grin*

Snucius: So did we, funnily enough *snicker*

In anycase, I still have another chapter to write, if any of you care to assist me in my 'research' *cough*

Posted by: fbowden (the_flic)
Posted at: April 22nd, 2008 11:13 am (UTC)

I will!

Luc: I shall do it.

Sev: I believe I am best qualified.

*laughs* best qualified??

Luc: Indeed Severus? Do explain...

Sev: I have the correct anatomical appendage for what our wife requires reseach of.

Err.. so do I. It's in the bedside draw. And it's bigger than yours. *smirk*

Luc: Oh yes, husband, I cannot disagree wih that. It is most certainly...impressive.


Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: April 22nd, 2008 12:21 pm (UTC)

Ooh, care to show me this 'anatomical appendage' dear wife? *grins at bedside draw*

But then I wouldn't want our hubbies to feel left out. Maybe we could make it a family project? *leer*

I had pervert smoothie for breakfast *shakes head*

Posted by: YOUNG MAN, THERE'S NO NEED TO FEEL (la_dissonance)
Posted at: April 22nd, 2008 10:17 pm (UTC)

Oh dear goodness, what does Ginny have planned now? Surely not Molly, though if anyone could 'put a stop to it' I picture her as being the most likely candidate! Or maybe she could try and get the twins replacements for each other; as though that would even remotely work. They are so adorably and absolutely in love! I think the hottest scene in the whole chapter was Ron's dream, in the beginning, though...yarr. Hotness. That, or something very like it, had seriously better happen for real at some point, or else I shall cease to have any faith in the universe. Or something.

Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 06:09 am (UTC)

no, not molly relax lol

yes, the twins are adorable lovepuppies aren't they? ^_^

thank you ^_^

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: April 23rd, 2008 12:11 am (UTC)

Ho snap, thurrs a cliffie! Wonder who she's going to tell. :)
Great chapter.

Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 06:10 am (UTC)

Thank you ^_^

Posted by: magpie to the morning (edge_is_strong)
Posted at: April 23rd, 2008 12:25 am (UTC)

i love how you manage to effectively combine long detailed smut with just enough plot to keep the story going. ;) can't wait for the next chappy

Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 06:12 am (UTC)

Ohmygosh thank you *hugs* coz thats exactly what i try to do. Chapters without smut frustrate me and too much smut gets repetitive and dull, so I try to keep a happy balance

I need to spice up the smut a bit though *has a think about next chapter*

Posted by: magpie to the morning (edge_is_strong)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 11:18 pm (UTC)

ooo i like the sounds of that

Posted by: i love you in the morning (saiilorsong)
Posted at: April 23rd, 2008 02:30 am (UTC)

oh yay! christmas sex. its hot, as always. but im sure you know that.
oh my goodness, i love your writing so much! <3 xx

Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 06:14 am (UTC)

ee! *pounce* thank you!

I did think about doing emotional christmas sex, but the poor boys dont usually get to have noisy sex, and they're only in their own home for so long. :-P


(Deleted comment)
Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 06:19 am (UTC)

Final call for the incest train, all aboard! *hoot hoot!*

Sigh, I am just too damn weird for my own good...

But its good to see that I am stealing more untainted souls *mwa haha*

Posted by: savagewoman (savagewoman)
Posted at: April 23rd, 2008 11:32 am (UTC)

Ron shrugged and swilled the stuck orange candies around his mouth idly, simply enjoying their flavour. If they weren’t going to come apart, Ron didn’t see the point in trying to force it.

Were you perchance referring to some other inseparaple orangeness? :D

Very hawt, I love Christmas sex too. And there's always something very special about George topping :)

Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 06:22 am (UTC)

Eeee! I'm so glad someone else caught the symbolism!

Yes, I was pretty drunk when i thought of that, it must be said *g* but yes, the melded orange candy is suposed to represent Fred and George. There's also a future plot hint if you read it carefully lol

*giggle* yes I love to put George on top as well. I dont know, everyone usually puts Fred on top because they see George as the more emotional twin... I think its coz we link George to all this emotional stuff regarding Freds death, so we immediately cast him as the 'sensitive' twin.

eh, I figure my boys can share and share alike xx

Posted by: savagewoman (savagewoman)
Posted at: April 24th, 2008 07:16 pm (UTC)

Ron trying to lick the actual physical twins apart? *grin* That might be entertaining :)

I think George's a wonderful top, he is obviously the more sensitive and quiet of them, and that's why it's so great to let him be the beast in the bedroom :)

Posted by: &&; JFuzz &&; (crazy_x_deppie)
Posted at: May 23rd, 2008 06:56 am (UTC)

Alright, so, I realise that I'm really, really, really, late, but I figured better late than never, eh?

This story is addicting, amazing, and completely sexy. xD I can't get enough. I was all /flail when it ended. :D

Updates = epic.

You = win @ life. Fo sho. BD

Me = impatient D:< xD

And I love the slowly building realisation Ron is having about his feelings towards Ginny. o.o I just can't wait to see more Ginny/Ron, and I have to admit; I've never been a Ginny/Ron fan. o_o

Anyway. <3333
Mucho love to you.


Posted by: &&; JFuzz &&; (crazy_x_deppie)
Posted at: May 23rd, 2008 06:59 am (UTC)

By the way:

Not to intrude, but, if I may, can I drop a suggestion?

o.o I want to see dominant!bottom George. Or a dominant!bottom Fred, if you catch my drift. xD

It's simply one of my thoughts, if you will.


Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: May 25th, 2008 11:19 am (UTC)

eheheheh what a charming notion

I dont think it's going to turn up in this series... I'm just rounding it off!

But yes, that does sound interesting *starts scheming*

Posted by: &&; JFuzz &&; (crazy_x_deppie)
Posted at: May 27th, 2008 03:00 am (UTC)

xDDDD Sweet. :D


Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: June 15th, 2008 04:49 pm (UTC)
K8Matty's story

excellent story. when will you write the next part please let me know? FRED & GEORGE RULE!!!

Posted by: k8 matty (k8matty)
Posted at: June 15th, 2008 05:07 pm (UTC)
Re: K8Matty's story

the next part is up, its Where Loyalties Lie

Thanks for reading ^_^

Posted by: playful_whisper (playful_whisper)
Posted at: July 7th, 2008 03:20 am (UTC)

Oh...my...goodness. Yet another amazing chapter! I'm a bit frustrated that it took me so long to get around to reading it (evil...evil school, which is over now yay!) I don't think that I have ever read such beautifully described sex. Not only is it filled with with the juicy details that you know all of us slash and twincest fans crave, but you also seem to poetically illustrate the love between Fred and George. The sex between them is more than just fulfilling a lusty desire, it is fulfilling a desire to be as close to the other as possible. Also, I loved the Christmas present that Fred and George gave Ron and how he couldn't get the lollipops apart. That was a beautiful metaphorical illustration of Ron's acceptance of their relationship. And I have never thought of Ron and Ginny making a good couple but you make them work so well together! I wonder who Ginny thinks can stop Fred and George. I shall read on!

Posted by: ((Anonymous))
Posted at: August 1st, 2008 02:58 pm (UTC)

Now I've been reading two stories of yours, and I'm fucking breathtaken! I can't believe this. You write so directly, so shameless, that I'm friggin convinced, that Fred and George've been doing some shagging in the shadows of the book. You catch their persons so GOD DAMN GREAT, that you make me wanna... I dunno, hit you for being great, and hug you for being so god damn skilled. I want to be you... I want to be Fred... and George 8D

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